LISTENS: Karma Police
Junk Drawer Waltz
Born From The Womb of Silence
 with Danny Frankel (drums)
Todd Sickafoose (bass)
& Husky Hoskulds (engineer)

Barn concert invitations & occasional love letters and gifts will come your way via email. No way is your info shared with anyone. Many thanks! JT



Dear Jennifer, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for having your show and sharing your talent and life with us--it was one of the most beautiful and emotional things I have experienced in my life.  It was totally by chance that I heard about you and your barn shows and I think it's funny the way things like this turn out.  Thank you again for sharing such a beautiful and wonderful thing with everyone in such a genuine way--you have no idea how much it means to experience something so intimate and beautiful.. keep doing the shows!!! Love to you and your family.

I was greeted by a nymph brandishing a fairy wand in the dark crisp night air, and presented with a magic token upon entering a mystical location. The room was warm and lit with candle light. Amongst the quiet chatter of happy people there was a mood of loving, laughter. Soul medicine. Spirits flocking to this vortex of creation.  I was laying on a huge floor pillow with about 8 people all intertwined and transformed into timeless moments.  A lot of space, silence, breathing, then explosions of music that dripped down the walls.  I loved being "inside" the music with Jennifer and Glen, sharing their gifts only a few feet away. A one of a kind night that can't be expressed into words.  I even saw a polar bear as I was leaving.  Thank you.

Incredible performance at "The Barn" last night! Seeing Jennifer perform live was amazing and so worth the trip from Colorado! Would definitely recommend to anyone who has not yet been and will be looking forward to the next album!

James Andruski
Hello Jennifer, I've checked out your music since it was placed on CD Baby a few years ago and I really think what you're doing with the your Music, Web Sites and E-mails is greater that any pop artist / record labels could ever accomplish. I can only say your music feels true and that's why people like me follow and listen to what really matters, pure soul, inspiration and heart. Thanks from James in Canada

What a lovely concert you shared last evening. So incredibly intimate and warm. Your beautiful voice and the comforting scent of spiced cider wafted up to the loft where I sat with open ears and eyes and soul. The tears kept flowing. Thank you.

Good morning Jennifer, Last night was amazing on so many levels! Your site alone was worth the journey! Watching your sweet indigo children play was a gift, mine Kaitlyn is 8, not knowing the special song you wrote for her the day she was born, I asked your daughter the climber of the two, if indeed they allowed monkeys in the barn she ran away saying.. silly. The music was thought intense and riveting and you sum it up best below, I have always felt raw and exposed in this world. This morning I am in the Sycamore canyon ready for a long walk before I continue this day. THANK YOU for the gifts you are! Love, Tobias

Diyana Dobberteeen
Ahhh! What a delightful session! You are such a creative woman!

fantastic..... your voice sounds so pure and more exciting than ever!!... phenomenal.....

Amazing once again, every moment was enjoyed and your personal energy is so touching. The moment you start to sing seems to always bring tears to my eyes, no matter the song. It was so wonderful to have my son experience something so special, thank you again for letting him come. I am very much looking forward to the next show in December. Kindest Regards! 

Your music is to die for. I can't wait to see you on the 5th. I am bringing a dear friend of mine. It's part of her birthday present. Turning her onto you I think will be the best gift of all.

tamara peace
cant wait to experience this:)

Jennifer! I wanted to write a belated thank you for your beautiful magical barn concert a few weeks ago! My friend was a newbie really loved your music! I hadn't had the pleasure of seeing you in way too long as always your beautiful music presence moved me, carrying me out of myself & into the ambiance of feeling that you create!
Love to you & your family & Happy Holidays :) can't wait to see you again, I'll be looking for your next show

Last night's show was magical and healing....thank you for the giving.

beautiful voice, beautiful music, very original style.

Cecile Maalaki
:) Ah, my soul connected friend...

ferry luiten
beautiful children....

Last night was a very special time for me.....
The presence you bring with your music transforms the audience from listeners into truly experiencing the story you're  painting. Your rendition of "Streets of Laredo" caused an overflow of emotions. My mother used to sing that to me......

I cannot wait any longer....but I will...of course....all the best for you and for your music....best regards to the musicians  Love,  Ingo

Monty Miller
Jennifer, I would love to hear you sing Streets of Laredo if you can manage to get through this haunting melody. The song always reminded me of my father but lately I've been hearing it when I think of Pat. It always makes me cry to hear you sing this and somehow I think a few tears might be a good thing. Do you savvy dear Jennifer?

Would love to hear cruel and junk draw tomorrow night at the barn

Jenny Baron
I wanted to write this a few days ago..but the words just kept staying stagnant, because how does one give justice to a spirit as big as Pat's in just a few slew of words? I have known Pat for 16 years.  As a person he lived his life like any day could be his last. He had a calmness and contentness about him that just radiated outwards. He was such an incredible musician. This world was more because he was in it. I have never heard Pat play a melody that didn't move me or blow me away.  I feel so grateful for knowing him and even more grateful to have witnessed his beauty for the last time at Jen's concert.  What an amazing world we live in! Pat knew what it meant to really be living on this planet! I challenge you all to live your life this way...things come and go in nature daily...life moves in and out of this delicate space we call earth. AWAKEN! be here, feel the moments...revel in the beauty that is this life...this is a gift! I love you Pat! good times!

A week or so after your beautiful concert and the experience still resonates. It is such an honor to get to witness the baring of your soul- with your two little girls watching with undivided attention, the experience imprinting deep in their bones.  Your show -  the setting the mood the love the talent - such a wonderful gift to share with us - thank you. And Pat's opening was all part of that special experience - feeling very fortunate to have witnessed the two of you glowing in your element that night.

Alan Ray
Brief moments in life last forever in our memories... Pat Milliken, you will be missed. Your music said it all..."good times."

It's midnight now, the night of the barn concert. As usual, your creativity and expression astounds me. One line that is sticking with me... and correct me if it's not the line, but at the end of the dot song... is it "all by my love" It was all so real and beautiful, just like you and the family and the space is.

Jennifer Terran
Dearest everyone!
I have cancelled my show for Saturday, March 13th. I have a severe NO VOICE due to sickness. The concert has been rescheduled for Saturday, March 27th. For those who show up by accident (because you didn't get my notice in time) you will be invited in for a beautiful glass of wine and a listen to one of the tracks off my next record in the control room. Please forgive my cancellation and deeply hope to have this experience with you on March 27th. Love!!! Jennifer

Carter Yarbrough
Is that Arabic or witches scrall or just made to weed out curious local fan/ music journalists like me?? Please save space for two.

Hi,  There should be 6 of us tomorrow night. Can't wait. Lynda

Jenny Baron
so so so excited for next Sat. It is like a breath of fresh air...I never want it to end, I wish it went till midnight:)

barry Schulte
Can't wait to meet you in the Netherlands! Hopefully we'll find a barn just as beautifull as yours where you can play and move us.
Namastà Love Barry

Chris Blake
I always enjoy your music- thanks for bringing such wonderful sounds to us!

Jenny Baron
Missing your music this morning! Just hanging out on the barn page listening to one of my favorite songs:) You're music always makes things better for me....Even if that just means making me actually feel anything sometimes:)

Ellen Turner
The song is SO beautiful - I have never heard it. Your children are so beautiful. You, my dearest Jen, are SO BEAUTIFUL! I miss you and my heart aches about it today. Landon's beautiful, too. :)
I love you.

"Meadow of Sound" is such a really great song. It again moved me to...o.k., I love your voice forever! And Phoebe looks beautiful, especially her hair. She`s grown so very tall since I saw her in Leiden. Hope to see and hear you next year....
Ingo (Germany)

Jen, One time in Bali (in the old days) I went to a village and was invited to be with them as they sang and danced. It was beautiful and I was a grateful and as humble guest delighting in their wonderful open generous spirits. Later on as I crossed the island, I passed a truck with people - the entire village packed in the back being taken as it turned out, to a resort. I turned and they were gone. That night,  I unknowingly followed the music as it drifted down the beach and through the coconut groves past a million fireflys dancing in the fields. As I approached out of the dark, I saw a stage with tables, dining guests waiting for their entertainment with passive indifference. The village always comes along even if there are only 4-5 dancers or musicians. I sat next to a tree in the distance and watched the same people I had shared time with earlier performing on demand. I wondered if the same joy was there? As the villagers recognized me, they came and sat with me and we enjoyed the dancers and musicians. I reflect often about those two experiences both seemingly from the outside to be the same but yet so vastly different like the grand canyon, worlds apart. I am not sure what it is in your comment that prompted this but in all the years I have known you, this has been the consistant challange and source of your finest times with through your music and the source of some of your finest music. Thank you for letting us listen to you as your lyrics guide us into remembering many of the important things that we forgot.  Thank you..poet, musician for reminding us about beauty, turning off the television and so many other things that are a reminder to nurture our humanity. Thank you for creating and sharing your music and yourself with us.

I just attended the most amazing concert. Nestled in a setting somewhere off the 154, and out of cellphone range is a romantic, fairy tale like venue for a concert know as The Barn. As we follow the winding road, with mysterious directions, such as \"find the trampoline on the left, we find ourselves possibly in the enchanted forest replete with elf like bare-footed children running around. Combined with the technological sophistication of an urban/urbane setting such as New York, is a bohemian, magical, surreal, earthy, intimate, cozy, setting with sheepskin rugs, bean bags, and couches. The baby grand stands dignified amidst a room of dimmed multi-colored lights that cast a red and amber glow over the relaxed crowd. The opium here however is the haunting, ethereal, sounds that Jennifer Terran pours out from her heart into the center of the crowd. Jennifer sings her life, and we feel her pour into us. The cello's broody tones take us lower into ourselves, reorganizes our molecular structure till we are open to the moment, to the music, to ourselves. The music has entranced us, shifted us, opened us wider for a peek, into being, into experience.

Jenny Baron
Sometimes it's hard to put together words that reflect such an amazing experience, but I will do my best:)  I've never had a relationship with God.  I wasn't raised with any particular religion, rather many really, giving me the chance to choose my path all on my own accord.  It's not often that I think about God, but what I do know is I have been part of the music you make for 16 years and when you sing.....I feel connected....It moves me to this level I have really never felt before from anything else.  Your voice immediately calms me.  I wonder sometimes when I go home from your shows if everyone who attends knows just how talented you are.  I told my husband last night that he just saw one of the most talented musicians he will probably ever see in his lifetime..I wanted to make sure he knew:) Sometimes you play a melody and I am in love with it instantly, like full moon, the on the barn page, or my all time favorite, the one that someone asked the name of it last night and you said it was something about a womb....:) then there are other ones...ones that take more time to adjust too...some of the newer songs you played last night.....at first i'm not sure how I like the notes mixed together...but then...I begin to put it together and you never disappoint! I love knowing that I can depend on your music for that..you are so amazing at finding beauty in the unexpected...in life and music.  I love how you take the chances you do..I love how you can make two white keys side my side sound beautiful.  You give people this rare, rare opportunity to experience music that breaks rules....and you do it with such an amazing grace and tenderness....I'm not sure how many birthdays I have spent with you at home concerts, but it is always the best night I can imagine! Last night I was so happy to be there! Thank you for the best birthday gift I could have had...xoxoxxoxoxo -me 

Jennifer Terran
Dearest peoples...
Thank you so much for being part of last nights concert at THE BARN. I'm very amazed that in this existence I get to have these kinds of experiences... and they couldn't be had without you being witness. Music seems to be half of what it is without the ears to absorb it, reflect it. You give me so much and you shape what gets created just by showing up and listening. Do you know this? At the moment and since the wee hours of the morning began, I've been feeling very raw and split open... (like.... 'oh shit!.. what have I done?!' )...    it's uncomfortable, slightly frightening after exposing myself so explicitly through the music....But you know.... I take this as a good sign and it tells me I'm doing just what I need to do. Shall we cave in and run away every time we feel vulnerable? No way!!! If everyone hid and didn't put their asses on the line, it would be a very dark and boring world. So that's it for now. You can respond to this post below if you wish. Let's expose ourselves to the light for all to see. Shine on good people! Love to you! Jennifer

Last night was amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful voice with us.

gary c
gary c

My heart....

you are amazing!
wow. i love love you.

Cecile Maalaki
Yay :)

I remember years ago sitting for hours listening to you play at borders bookstore. I sat transfixed by your music and now you continue to share your music with us in such a beautiful way at the barn. You so deserve the life you have. I am so glad you didn't sell out to the industry. So looking forward to seeing you all and delighting in your music. It feels like waking up Christmas morning when I was a child. Thank you.

Dearest Jennifer, You were epically cool!!!! Thank you for such a "time" there..............thank you for for playing "Loosing glue"...I starting to cry..........I hardly could hold my emotions in........like, right now I'm starting to tear..........your voice and piano.......and, memories.........................there's the word- memories of life..........ah, there I go again, tearing....... We'll be talking soon! P

Amber Mowry
Jennifer, You were magic! Starlight and sparkle! Thank you for openning up your life, home and heart to us...namaste 

Brittany Buxton-Crocker
It was such a special evening. I love Jennifer's music but the experience of being present for the music was quite moving. My life is quite hectic and it is easy to get caught up in the momentum of life's details. The time I spent that evening at the Barn felt magical and awakened my spirit from its slumber. It is hard to put into words. You have to experience it.
Jennifer Terran - TOGETHER - Official Music Video
Filmed at the barn and the magic land surrounding it.

Reservation only! Do here:

at The Barn - 2019

6:30pm w/special guests: LAURA MIHALKA (cello) + ADA SYCAMORE RAY + WATER SPEAKS

To hear, obtain, experience the music..  TOUCH ME. New album: "THE CALIFORNIA NATIONAL ANTHEM" to be released early 2020! For more on the movement, please SIGN MAILING BELOW.

Eons of gratitude!


The Barn is my personal recording studio and a barefoot concert hall devoted to the sum of us. WELCOME!!

I have been doing home shows in every dwelling, sleeping, dreaming place I've lived with audience on bed, on living room floor, in tight hallways, pressed against piano, under piano... a soulful thing and well suited for the raw intensity of the music and the playfulness of it all.

The Barn is the latest manifestation of this tradition, specifically built and designed with great care and love
for the shared experience.

One of my favorite things about concerts at the barn, is the unique collaboration that unfolds. The direct energy of the people, the rustling of trees in the wind, the occasional crackle of the fireplace, the crickets! And with no stage, is there really any separation between those who listen and those who sound?

I also love how the senses pick up more reality in a beautiful acoustic room like this. To get to hear and feel the vibrations of the overtones of the piano, the breath of the singer, the bow hitting the strings of it's cello.... To be inside the music in these ways is special and rarely experienced in most concert settings, you know?

I realize that many of you reading this are not near Santa Barbara, California so this page will provide some impressions of the Barn experience but
nay, will not take the place of it. Still, I hope you will enjoy your visit here in the box. (Hey, let's try something. See if you can look away from your computer and direct your gaze out a window. Locate something green and living and say "ahhhhhhh").

With love!
Jennifer T.